Meet The Team

Our team embodies the diversity of thought, background, and experience we value as a company. We fundamentally enjoy what we do, and always seek to channel our talent, spirit and energy into the ways we work together and for our clients -- Delivering ambitious, valuable results and aiming to exceed expectations.

John Joshua Guerrero
Area Of Expertise
  • Brand Designing
  • Brand Illustration
  • Web Design
  • Design Concepts
  • Modernising Operations
  • Strategic Design
  • Digital Innovation

John Joshua Guerrero

Joshua provides top-notch e-Business design services and brings the visual aspect of our client brands to life.

With a strong background in both web design and data visualisation, Joshua is a key team member on most customer-focused advisory engagements.  He is passionate about helping plan, create, and deliver striking visible results that meet requirements and exceed expectations.

Whether creating the look and feel of web pages, interfaces, dashboards, marketing materials, brand guidelines, or corporate communications, Joshua’s mastery of the latest tools and techniques means he efficiently conveys the graphical aspect of any project with ease.

Joshua considers himself to be a professional simplifier, and is always seeking ways to reduce complexity without sacrificing functionality.  He is an expert at providing both macro and micro design insight, moving fluidly between high-level, conceptual, and strategic advice to subtle micro-interactions that add the perfect level of finesse.